• To preserve the environment, increase green-cover & protect the health of public by spreading social awareness on organic farming/gardening
  • To  conduct  workshops  &  training events for  interested  persons  in  the  area  of  urban  farming/terrace gardening
  • To  conduct  awareness  programs  in  schools,  colleges, corporates and  other  similar  institutions  to encourage the means to achieve the organic food through terrace gardening
  • Work in tandem  with  other  local  agencies,  Government  departments  to  establish operational ways to promote urban farming systems
  • To  initiate  research  and  development  projects  with  community  participation  aiming  to  preserve  the  environment,  to  achieve  sustainable  living,  to reduce carbon  footprints  and  to  have access to safe  and  functional food
  • To create a better world for future generations