Dr. B.N. Viswanath (President)

Dr. B. Narayan Viswanath, (fondly called as BNV by friends) is a rare man among those who talk too much and do too little as far as their environmental concern for the city goes. Born on 12-July-1943 in Bangalore, took his B.Sc., in Agriculture from the university of Mysore in 1965, M.Sc.(Agr.) in 1967 from University of Kerala and Ph.D. degree in 1977 in Agricultural Entomology from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. He started his carrier as an Instructor and became Associate Professor in the Department of Entomology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. He quit his job after 16 years of service, went to USA to specialise in professional videography and film production. After his return he produced a number of agriculture related documentaries which stand testimony to his commitment to agriculture. He pioneered terrace gardening and regularly organizes training programmes for housewives in Bangalore. Dr. Viswanath has several professional affiliations to his credit including ex-member, Board of Regents UAS, Bangalore. He has published nearly 40 scientific papers in national and international journals. He is also an authority in bio-fertilizers and promoted Kadur Agro for commercial production of the same. Currently, he is a freelance consultant in organic farming, terrace gardening, landscaping and bio fertilizers. He has a great passion for nature, environment, plants and insects, which has influenced his son, Kadur Sandesh who is now one of the world’s known wildlife photographer.

Dr. K.R. Jayaram (Vice-President)

Dr Jayaram, born in Bangalore in 1953, did his graduation in BSc Agriculture form Hebbal, Bangalore, MSc Agriculture from Dharward Agriculture college and PhD in Entomology from GKVK, University of Agricultural Sciences Bangalore. He then started as a Research Assistant at Agricultural University & served as probationary officer in Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka. He has worked as Horticulture Head in various districts of Karnataka. He was also in-charge of Lalbagh Botanical Gardens for two years serving as Managing director of HOPCOMS. In 2000, he became Joint Director of Horticulture overseeing the implementation of Spices, Coconut, Arecanut and Plant Protection. He too voluntary retirement during 2006 and from then, he is working as freelance consultant in horticulture and helping in Urban farming initiatives.

Dr. Rajendra Hegde (Trustee)

Dr. Rajendra Hegde comes from a farming background and profession. He has a Doctorate in Agricultural Entomology; he has working experience with farmers and a variety of crops for last 15 years. With farming in his blood, he always considers it important that whatever he knows should be made useful to the community. He always thinks that mindset of growing your own food is the first priority and all urbanites should understand the process and implement. Urban farming has a far reaching impact and it is always good be part of this kind of movement and organizations like Garden City Farmers.

Dr. Rajesh (Trustee)

Dr. Rajesh is the secretary and correspondent of BM School since 1996. He holds a Phd. Degree in Economics from Bangalore University and an M.Ed in Educational Administration from the University of Manchester, England. He is also the director of BM Institute of Management and Technology. Dr. Rajesh has to his credit of having authored two books on Commercial Applications which are published by S.Chand and Co.

With guidance from Dr. Viswanath, established a green club in BM School.  This club promotes organic kitchen gardening in the school.  It not only grows plants, but also composts manure and prepares seeds.  It trains the neighbouring schools also in allied areas.  Following the raised bed method, all organic waste is used and converted to fertile growing media.  Students grow vegetables and share it among themselves in school. Dr. Rajesh is also a member of the Executive Committee of Century Club for beautification, Gardening and Landscaping.

Mrs. Jyothi Nagaraj (Secretary)

An MBA in e-business, worked as a project manager in HP for about 8 yrs. Currently working as a consultant in imparting Project Management process training using MPP for sustainable natural resource management process and productivity enhancement projects funded by IFAD, UN.  Inspired by the organic vegetable farming movement in Cuba which has a population of 11 million, compared to Bangalore’s 8.5 million, started a small garden on the terrace and has been a part of the NGO to promote the concept of ‘growing your own food organically’.

Sri: S. Laxminarayan (Treasurer)

Laxminarayan fondly called as LS or SL by friends is a software engineer by profession. He loves nature, sports and adventure activities, is an avid trekker, used to do rock climbing (not much now) and loves water sports & playing Ultimate Frisbee. This love for nature and one of his accidental interaction/meeting with Dr Viswanath made him get into Gardening/Farming, and he started working on his garden from 2008. He setup his own terrace garden and grows most of the veggies and he’s always excited in researching and learning on Urban Farming, Terrace gardening & Square foot gardening.

He is also working on a project titled “School Gardens for a Green and Healthy Future”, which is aimed at creating gardens at schools and Colleges. He participates and organizes many training/information sharing sessions and actively runs the “Organic Terrace Gardening” group on Facebook. He is very keen on working on container gardening and has designed different containers suitable for use in an urban terrace garden.

Sri: Aravind Badrinarayan (Trustee)

‘After working and studying field biology for several years including an undergraduate degree in Integrative biology from the University of Illinois and several years of following my passion of working with wildlife, I came to the realization of the futility of conservation of wild landscapes without sustainability in urban landscapes. After years of working with veterinarians, and as currently a veterinary student, it is frustrating to save one wild animal at a time only to lose entire populations to the onslaught of unsustainable development. I quickly found that this was the most vital aspect of conservation of biodiversity. It is to me, as to many of us, the ultimate re-connection between urban man and nature, to bring food and give a productive value to the urban jungle. I consider cities to be the highest expression of our human civilization, the ultimate collection of our greatest minds, arts and culture. Personally, then this becomes to me the biggest challenge of our times and my passion for nature is channelled toward promoting urban sustainability through farming!

Sri: Saikiran (Trustee)

A multimedia professional based out of Bangalore is an avid and a passionate gardener. His love for nature and environment motivated him to take up for the cause of protecting and saving the environment.

Sri: Maruthi (Trustee)