Seminars & Conferences

 “All that we have is borrowed”– a simple yet eye-opening quote, that reminds us of our depleting natural resources posing a major threat to the basic needs of our future generation. With this thought in mind, we have taken a small yet definite step towards making our cities green. There is a definitive need to share the urban farming necessities, experiences and benefits among different stakeholders, to press and motivate more and more urbanites to get started and reap the fruits. Garden City Farmers intends to organize seminars and conferences at national, state and zonal levels to spread the concept and message on urban farming and terrace gardening to many urbanites. After the National Seminar held at Bengaluru in November 2010, GCF organized the State seminar on Organic Urban Farming/Terrace Gardening at Hubli, Karnataka in July 2011. The participants with varied knowledge and expectations attended and interacted actively during the seminar. Some of the recommendations are expected to be considered at different levels of policy makers.